Chuck Versus The Early Gamechanger

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Is Chuck really about to throw away its entire premise before the end of its second season? Last night's episode offered a potentially gamechanging ending that was almost worth Jordana Brewster's return. Spoilers!


Admittedly, despite my dislike for Brewster, the return of Jill to the show helped build tension and credibility for the end of "Chuck versus The First Kill," where Chuck and Sarah both apparently went rogue to go and save Chuck's dad (The entirely missing from this episode Scott Bakula). Finally paying off that whole "Is Casey going to be forced to kill Chuck" subplot from last year (not to mention the "Does Sarah love Chuck more than her job" thing that they've pretty much already dealt with two episodes ago), the NSA decided that it's not worth dealing with Chuck's whole emotional wellbeing or life, and tried to put him in lockdown - only for Sarah to spill the beans and go AWOL with him.

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Before that, though, Jill returned and proved that you can't trust anyone apart from your ex-girlfriends who also turned out to be a spy. Me, I'm not so sure it was the greatest idea to remind the viewers that everyone around Chuck seems to have a double life so close to his dad being revealed to be the guy who built the supercomputer inside his head, but I have to admit that Brewster wasn't nearly as irritating this time around, and I'm growing to like her somewhat ambivalent evil nature... If nothing else, she's more fun than Tony Hale's Emmett, who managed to machiavellianly get Morgan to accidentally help him be crowned manager of the BuyMore, busting Big Mike down to a lowly green shirt, in one of the more tenuous "Look, BuyMore is just like spying - They even have the same moral at the end" connections in weeks. Why we had to suffer through that instead of see more with Ellie and Awesome, I have no idea, but at this point - and with the show finally bringing everything together and looking as if Big Change is around the corner - I'm willing to sit back and see what happens.

Fanboy questions abound for next week: Will Sarah and Chuck stay rogue for the rest of the show, with Casey chasing them down, Fugitive-esque? Is General Beckmann working for Fulcrum? Can Scott Bakula really get the intersect out of Chuck's head? And am I the only one totally sucked in by this point?



Admittedly, despite my dislike for Brewster

You... dislike... Jordana Brewster?

I challenge you to a dual, sir. This cannot go unheeded.