Chuck's Third Season Will Feature Sandwiches, Impefect Kung-Fu

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How will Subway's sponsorship affect the third season of Chuck? How much Chuck will we see next year? And does Chuck really know kung-fu now? Star Zachary Levi has thankfully spilled some beans about NBC's spy nerd drama.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, Levi addressed the rumor that Subway's sponsorship deal with the show will change the content of the show itself, and answered one question that I've always wondered about the series' BuyMore setting:

There's a couple of ideas that're being kicked around, and one of them is that the [secret spy HQ] Orange Orange will become a Subway... That's, I think, what everybody's expecting is going to happen. Obviously, we're not too precious about keeping the store one particular thing. It was the Wienerlicious, then it was the Orange Orange... I think it's perfect integration. Keep something a standing set, that way you don't have to constantly be worrying about, how do we work it into dialogue, just let it be what it is. That's why I was so astonished when Best Buy didn't jump on the opportunity to be our big box store.


A change to Sarah's cover isn't the only difference in the thirteen episode third season - although, as Levi pointed out, there is still the potential for NBC to up the season order until December - and Levi also teased the second season cliffhanger of Chuck's new intersected kung fu skills:

It doesn't change the everyman scenario. It doesn't work perfectly. There are snags with this intersect. And so, where one might think that, oh, Chuck knows kung fu... Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he has experiences within certain physical abilities that may or may not last. I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.


Does this mean more slapstick opportunities, or will Chuck's new (lack of) abilities lead to more dramatic consequences? We'll find out when Chuck returns next year on NBC.

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