Cingular Burns Customers on RAZR Rebates

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Uh-oh. Looks like you won't be getting cold, hard cash back from Cingular when you buy a $99 Moto RAZR. Reader Michael Schwan recently activated two new lines with Cingular and decided to go with the $99 RAZR deal for phones. A few weeks later an envelope came in the mail from Cingular but there was no check inside. Instead Cingular had enclosed a Visa Rewards gift card and that was that. Sorry, Cingular, but I can't deposit a Visa gift card, nor spend it at the corner store. The kicker is that it was never mentioned to him when he went to Cingular to activate his phones. Total suckage, so beware of these sneaky Cingular rebates.

Update From Cingular: "Just wanted to let you know that Cingular has been paying customers on rebates via VISA card for a long, long time now, it's nothing new. And on the rebate form HE filled out and HE sent in, it says cleanly that rebates are paid via VISA card (and has a picture of one for god's sake).


Just thought I'd let you know, as I work for the company, and feel you listing us as a 'scam' really isn't fair at all.

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