Cingular to Demo Streaming Video Calls

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Although the formal "unveiling" won't be until summer of '07, Cingular will demo live video streaming through handsets at CES next week. With a video-capable handset, streams can be started over standard audio calls by just pressing a button on the cell.

"The parents receive an invitation asking if they want to view the live video stream, and once accepted, they begin seeing the video shot by the kids in San Antonio," a Cingular spokesman explained. "The speakerphone turns on and the proud new grandparents in Miami can see a live video of their granddaughter taking her first steps or saying her first words."


3G video has been live in other countries for a while, but if Cingular can pull this off with their HSDPA network here in the States, it'll be huge in convincing the public that it needs next-gen data connectivity. We'll be sure to check it out and report on the quality of the video streams.

Cingular To Demo Streaming Video During Cell Phone Calls [Informationweek via Textually]

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