Citizen W700 VIRT Caller ID Bluetooth Watch Updated

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Citizen has dabbled in Bluetooth watches before, rolling out the VIRT W700 last June that connects to your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and displays caller ID and vibrates when a call arrives. Now the company has updated its design, improving that ominous black look of its predecessor to this more "casual" appearance.


But the product has us scratching our heads:

Is it that big of a deal to have your cell phone in your pocket, and quickly glance at it when it rings to see who's calling? Many people are now using cell phones as a timepiece anyway these days, so a clunky watch, even though it's updated in colors of pink, blue and black with white trim, might seem redundant. Too bad it's not a phone, too. Anyway, Citizen didn't announce its price but said this updated model will be available in Japan by mid-March.

Product Page (translated) [Citizen, via Ministry of Tech]


Personally, I've been waiting for one of these. How nice would it be to never have to worry about the alert setting on your phone? You don't need to put it on ring... ever, because you will always be able to feel a watch vibrating on your wrist.

No more rummaging around in your bag for your phone while it rings annoyingly until it's found.

Re: bluetooth drain... I don't think this type of bluetooth communciation is going to be very taxing on the battery performance. Real power's used when data's transmitted to/from the phone. I would guess that the phone would only engage bluetooth occasionally to check on the watch and when a phone call's recieved.

Up next: bluetooth headset built into a watch that detaches from the strap!