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The VIRT from Citizen is the first Bluetooth watch in the whole entire world. This limited edition monstrosity, the VIRT W700 connects to your phone and displays caller IDs and vibrates when you get a call. This presumably allows you to keep your phone in a chest at the bottom of the sea and, when someone you want to talk to calls, you can then dive into the ocean, unlock that selfsame chest, and pull your phone back up to the surface in order to take the call. That is the only acceptable scenario I can personally think of in order to justify the purchase of this timepiece. You see, once your phone starts ringing, it takes only one second to make a surreptitious movement in order to check who is calling you.


If you could talk into this thing, maybe I'd support it.

Citizen VIRT Bluetooth Wristwatch Talks to Your Mobile Phone [WristDreams]

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