Given it's been so important to our development, it's no surprise mankind has a love affair with fire. Deep down we're all arsonists in our own little way: lighting candles, stoking campfires, or curling up near a fireplace. We all love watching things bur—right, guys? right—and that desire can be kept in check with this Nerone cityscape fireplace that's a better alternative to wanton acts of arson.

Designed by James Di Marco, the resin-coated steel skylines are divided by an ethanol fuelled flame in-between. Which creates the soothing effect of an out-of-control riot, civil unrest, or a post-championship sports game in the comfort of your living room. And the various holes representing the windows in skyscrapers makes for handy places to stick a marshmallow on a stick. [Caleido via The Fancy]


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