Class Up Your iPhone with This Super-Modern Desk Dock

There's something about a landline that just connotes class, austerity, and power. Maybe I've been watching too much Mad Men. But for the same reasons we love the Moshi Moshi, the KEE Desk Phone Dock has us drooling a bit.


It might look superfluous—and maybe it is—but the Phone Dock puts an unlikely emphasis on your iPhone: talking! Weird, right? I often forget it's possible. But if you're an avid chatter, the dock is equal parts utility and nifty sci-fi prop: it'll charge your phone, while at the same time giving you something sturdy to place calls with. And, of course, look pretty damn cool on your desk.

Although we'd lusted after the dock's concept renders last year—which is among the largest vaporware red flags out there—KEE is taking orders now—although $150 is steep for an essentially handsomer way of doing something you can already do. But can you do it and look like a character from 2001: A Space Odyssey? [KEE via CNET]

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