Clothing Store "Butt Cam" Lets Shoppers Check Out Their Own Asses

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As anyone who's ever dated a girl knows, how pants make their butts look is one of the top considerations when purchasing a pair of pants. Realizing this, Hub Clothing in Scottsdale, Arizona, has installed a "Butt Cam" that allows shoppers to see just how fat those pants make their butts look. And you know what? It's a huge hit.

"A lot of people dread trying on jeans and so any more entertaining you can make it the better. A lot of people compare it to trying on bathing suits, you know something they just don't like to do, we're trying to make it painless," says owner Tom Simon. Surprisingly enough, the camera is outside the dressing room, giving everyone around a free close-up of people's asses when they go to use it. It's so popular, they might even start… recording it? Simon says: "We're even thinking of doing a best-of and putting it on DVD for the year, 'Best Butts of '08' or whatever, yeah." Classy. [Frostfirecore via The Raw Feed]