Cloud Telecomputers' Glass Platform Puts Android in a Desktop Phone

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This isn't the first Android desktop phone we have seen, but Cloud Telecomputers' 8-inch touchscreen Android Glass phone keeps the old corded handset intact and bakes in a load of communications functions.


Why put Android in a desktop phone? For one, plenty of apps, including visual voicemail, calendars, SMS, and email. Cloud Telecomputers also expects lots of third party Android apps to be built especially for the business phone platform. And as it supports landlines and various VoIP and SIP clients you will be able to set up a Google Voice app with a Gizmo5 SIP account to make it the ultimate phone booth. The start-up company also throws in HD audio and Bluetooth.

Cloud Telecomputers expects the Glass to be available in the first quarter of 2010 with a price tag somewhere in between $600 and $700. [Cloud Telecomputers via Electricpig]