CloudFTP Wi-Fi Enables Just About Anything

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You'd think everything would come Wi-Fi capable these days but I still spend more time digging the correct USB cable out of my rats nest of a desk drawer than I do actually transferring files. No thanks, not when the CloudFTP will impart wireless connectivity to any USB device.

The CloudFTP is a USB-powered gadget that provides a Wi-Fi connection for devices that don't include them. Plug in any USB device—cameras, flash drives, card readers, etc—and the CloudFTP will establish a connection with your existing network and wirelessly transfer files from the device. You can move your files to any computer on the network or upload them directly to a cloud storage locker like Dropbox or iCloud. And in the event that there isn't an existing network available, the CloudFTP can create its own secure ad-hoc network with up to three devices.

The Cloud FTP should retail for about $100 come February. It is currently a Kickstarter project, but has raised $33,000 towards its $100k goal with 50 days to go. [Kickstarter via DVice]


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If this can really connect ANY usb device to WiFi (like a usb monitor or video capture card) it will be a very interesting product.