CNetting HDMI 1.3: Probably Not Worth Waiting For

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John "Wayne" Falcone, who we've dubbed the Sheriff-Geek of CNet, answers the question most of us didn't even know we had: Should we wait for HDMI 1.3?

John says not really. The difference between current HDMI and 1.3 will be real, but also very hard to detect for the average home theater couch potato. Especially considering that the only HDMI device out that supports version 1.3 is the Playstation 3. That's right. Not until sometime in 2007 will you see HDMI 1.3 compliant TVs, receivers, etc.


So go ahead and buy whatever you were going to buy with HDMI connections. Milli Vanilli agrees.

John Answers HDMI 1.3 Questions [CNet]

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