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Colbert: First Vid of Dean Kamen's Miracle Water Distiller

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Caught for the first time on video, Segway inventor Dean Kamen presented his Vapor Compression Distiller on last night's Colbert Report. The distiller is a chemical-, membrane-, and filter-free water purifier. Kamen claims the box draws pure drinkable water from oceans, poisons—even a 50-gallon drum of urine. He has reportedly worked on the contraption for five years, but early prototypes were pretty ugly. This one looks ready for mass production, and with enough, Kamen says we could "wipe out 50% of human disease." Good luck with that, Deano, we're behind you all the way. (That other 50% must be a monumental bitch.) [Colbert Nation]