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Having shown us all that the way to win the world's heart is through syrupy, nebulous lyrics and lilting adult-contemporary strings, what more could Coldplay do to cements its image as the Least Offensive Band on Earth? How about a co-branding agreements with Solio, the makers of a solar charger?

Ignoring the irony of a solar-powered iPod charger sold by a band hailing from the land of perpetual gloom (also: bad weather), we feel this co-branding establishes a frightening precedent for slapdash, slap-on marketing that will take a product we like—and we do like the Solio just fine—and turn it into something we'd be a bit embarrassed to have around. Unless they make an Ashlee Simpson rechargable Ni-Cad battery system, which would be so great omg.


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