Comcast Could Be Quietly Preparing Plan to Control Pipes and Content

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Tea leaf-reading analysts are speculating this afternoon that Comcast is currently hoarding cash as part of an effort to revisit its 2003 spending spree days. You remember 2003, right? That was the year Comcast made a brash $54 billion bid for Disney.

Now it appears they're at it again, although what the target(s) will be this time around is anybody's guess. A few of the names floated so far are Viacom Inc and Time Warner Inc.

It's most likely not Disney, said former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. "They may want to recapture their dreams of going after Disney, but not with Disney specifically," he said. "I am sure [Comcast] Brian Roberts and Steve Burke (COO) have Time Warner high on their computer screens."


The analysts, in a word, were weary of such a move. [Reuters via Slashdot]