Comcast Remote DVR Scheduling Now Working in Some Markets

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Comcast's remote DVR scheduling is up and running, allowing users to manage DVR recordings online. Quick, you've still got time before One Life to Live!


The service seems to be available only to Comcast digital users with a Motorola set-top box, and will roll out across the entire subscription base over the next several months. It's part of a larger Comcast UI overhaul that also includes filters, folders, and clean-up functions. If you're eligible (and given the size of the initial roll-out, sad to say that you're probably not), you should be able to start recording shows from your computer here. [Comcast via ZatzNotFunny]

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Josh Barker

We don't have it in my area of Nashville yet (Brentwood) - but yesterday they DID make an update to the DVR where there are additional groupings...Previously everything was just viewable by day, channel or show. But there was no easy way to delete things. Now they have folders and you can open the folders to view the shows and you can mass delete folders or select multiple shows and delete them all at once instead of having to go into each one and delete them individually. Maybe we'll be getting that functionality soon...?