Comcast's Awesome Xfinity TV Remote iPad App Is Available Now

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Why am I cursing Time Warner this morning? Aside from the usual reasons, it's because Comcast, my former cable TV company, has released their super cool Xfinity TV remote app for iPads and iPhones. It looks awesome. I want it.


Why, when I'm already spending half my TV watching time poking around my iPhone and my iPad, am I forced to navigate my cable box with that cumbersome rubber-buttoned Playskool joke of a remote? Good question. And for Comcast subscribers, there's a tasty alternative.

The free Xfinity TV App will let iDevice-wielding couch potatoes (who have compatible Digital TV service) browse and search listings, change the channel, and schedule DVR right from the device. It all sounds very nice. Video streaming and advanced search options are due in later updates. Android and Blackberry apps are on the way, too.

Time Warner, for their part, is working on a similar app, but I can't help but imagine that I'll have Modern Family projected directly onto my eyeball by my transparent TV contact lenses by the time they actually roll it out. [Xfinity]



I recently found out when calling Comcast to schedule a move that you can watch your on demand stuff through their xfinity website now.

They started to tell me about it on the phone like it was an upsell, so I was prepared to say no thanks while waiting to get hit with the price per month increase. But surprisingly it's included free. I'm guessing once it catches on they'll start charging.

Kind of a neat option though, but relies on flash. I wish they'd add this feature to the iPhone app. I don't have much need to watch on my laptop, but if I could watch on my iPhone now we're talking.