Comic Smashes Audience Member's Cellphone to Prevent Joke Theft

A British comedian spotted a dude in the audience texting on his phone, so he took it and smashed it. His reason: the guy was stealing jokes to sell to TV people. But of course!

Lee Hurst, the comedian, clearly is a bit unhinged and doesn't quite understand the idea of marketing yourself via YouTube.

The comedian claimed in court that there was a growing problem with writers recording rival comics' material so that they could pirate their jokes and sell them to television shows. He claimed that footage of his gigs ended up on websites such as YouTube.

"TV programmes have writers writing for the performers and they go around to gigs and take the material and sell it to the BBC and ITV and that material is gone," said Hurst, who defended himself.

"You are then accused of stealing your own material. It has happened to me with material shown on national TV that I had already done.


[Times Online via Boing Boing]

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