You've seen those pretty little stars next to some commenters' names and you want one. You don't even care what it does, you just want one.

Ok, easy to accomplish. You just need to blow away the moderators with some great contributions in the comments and they'll reward you with a star. On some days it's easier than on others, but it does help to pay attention to some of the starred users like Kaiser-Machead, Gordonium, OCEntertainment, Jux, MagicalTrev, Tony Kaye, Prostate of Grace, Norwood, OMG! Ponies!, and GitEmSteveDave. Sure, they're not always the ideal commenters—some of them have lost their stars once or twice—but they give a pretty reasonable idea of how to actively participate in the community.


Now, that little yellow badge of honor does come with some nice extra features. Your comments will automatically be promoted to "featured" status and you'll be able to promote others' comments.

What, you want more? Ok. You'll also be able to see and approve new commenters. Their comments will show up in pink—just as yours once did—and you'll be able to give them a thumbs-up to approve their accounts. Alternatively, you can also approve them simply by replying to one of their comments.