Our comment system allows you to use a handful of HTML tags. With them you can turn text bold, italic, or into links.

The trick is simply to surround the text in these tags like this: <b>bold</b>
<i>italic</i>. Ta da!

For links, you can either just paste the URL in as is ( http://gizmodo.com/ ) or if you want to have a fancy link text then you paste it into tags like so: <a href="http://gizmodo.com/">and type your link text here</a>.


Now that you've got your text looking nice, you can also consider adding video or images to your comments. We've made the whole process rather easy by providing some buttons at the bottom of the comment input box:

If you want to embed a YouTube clip, simply paste in the video's link. Alternatively, if you want to add an image to your comment, just hit the little photo button and either paste in a direct link to a photo or upload one from your computer. Keep in mind that our comment system will resize images to fit the width of the comments, so an extra tiny little photo may wind up huge and blurry once uploaded.