Illustration for article titled Comply NR-10 Earphones With Military-Grade Noise Reduction Reviewed (Verdict: Good Value)

According to Hearing Components, their new Comply NR-10 Earphones can deliver more than 48 decibels of noise reduction using the same technology enjoyed by the US Army and Special Forces. They were also designed to "maximize bass response and deliver superior sound quality." At $80, it would seem like a decent value—if they worked. Fortunately, the folks at iLounge took them for a spin and weighed the pros and cons.

First and foremost, they loved the foam tips, claiming that they provided all of the benefits and none of the major negatives of their predecessors. As for the sound, they noted that these earphones would be a viable alternative to similar offerings by Bose—which is a pretty flattering endorsement. On the negative side, they weren't impressed by the overall look of the NR-10's and they felt that the bass-heavy sound could be a bit much for some listeners. However, the overall verdict was that the NR-10's were impressive, proclaiming them as a "good value for the dollar." Hit the link for the full review. [iLoungeand Comply]


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