Ladies and gentlemen, today is a sad day for the television theft protection industry. The good people at Innovation Lab have removed our need for their services. Say goodbye to locking wall mounts, cable tethers and bolted rails, because in the world of tomorrow all our televisions will be made...of concrete!

How will they make televisions out of concrete, you ask? Put on your thinking caps, because here comes the science: magic! You were thinking something more along the lines of optical fibres being embedded in the concrete acting as pixels, but watch that video again—that's magic, folks. If a giant slab of concrete doesn't fit your home d cor (I'm seeing an 'unfinished basement' theme), you'll just have to go anywhere in the outside world with large slabs of concrete and hope advertisers have placed one there for your viewing pleasure. Betting on that proposition begins now.

World's First Concrete Screen [Product Web]