Conde Nast Backs Up Fake Steve Jobs in Fight with Real Steve Jobs

Illustration for article titled Conde Nast Backs Up Fake Steve Jobs in Fight with Real Steve Jobs

When Fake Steve Jobs, the anonymous blogger who parodied the real man, was asked to cease and desist, he asked for a sugar daddy to keep the site going. After only a few weeks, Wired News emerged as the lucky sponsor. I wonder how much he sold his soul for — fighting those lawyers can't be cheap. The real question is how long til Fake Steve Jobs is running all of Conde Nast, Wired's parent company? He may be fake, but even fake Boom carries awesome power. Conde Nast meets geek parody god? This could be a better crossover than Aliens vs. Predator. (By typing this comparison, I feel the force of 10,000 virtual wedgies flying through my cable modem.)


Who would win a stare down contest, Anna Wintour or FSJ? What would happen if FSJ became fashion editor at GQ?

It's a brilliant move by each party, but beware RSJ's spinning beach ball of death.



You really think FSJ was actually warned to cease and desist from writing his blog? Methinks that was just a part of his spin to create the situation to ask for a sponsor.

Anyhoo He's a master of his art, and I thoroughly enjoy his columns. Long live FSJ!