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Confirmed: Apple Going $0.99 on DRM-Free Tracks

Illustration for article titled Confirmed: Apple Going $0.99 on DRM-Free Tracks

Jobs confirmed Ars's scoop that the iTunes+ DRM-free content was being price dropped to $0.99. Nick Wingfield, friend of Rosie O and writer for the WSJ, scored the interview with El Jobso. This is the price the DRM-free tracks should have started at, and I'm glad to see it finally there. [Ars and WSJ]


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@BigSwirv: How are people being taken advantage of? Should Apple keep the prices up just so the earlier buyers don't bitch later that they paid a few measly cents more on that stuff? If shit stays expensive, people bitch. If shit gets cheaper, people STILL bitch. It's amazing. Heaven forfend the brats should feel jilted because they have early adopter's envy.