Confirmed: Mac OS 10.6 Is Snow Leopard

Illustration for article titled Confirmed: Mac OS 10.6 Is Snow Leopard

Click to viewOS 10.6 is called Snow Leopard, straight from Steve's mouth. Developers will get their first peek "after lunch." What about poor bloggers? [WWDC08 @ Giz]

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Good for the snow leopard. They just don't get the credit they deserve, and it is nice that Apple can bring some attention to this poor misunderstood creature.

Also nice to see Apple is going to be charging for the word 'Snow' at the beginning. It has been a year since we have coughed out a hundred bucks to the Steve Jobs Retirement Fund, and let's face it folks — it has not been a good year for Steve. He has had to put in extra hours at the office, all to bring you the toys you so desire. Be sure to write in the comments line of your check 'Thanks Steve!' so he knows you appreciate him.