OS X 10.6 To Be Called Snow Leopard?

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As unlikely as the rumor is that OS X 10.6 is going to debut at WWDC next week, both Ars Technica and TUAW have independently verified from their sources that the next version of the OS could be coming as soon as Macworld 2009. Ars also says that the code name is Snow Leopard, which on the surface latches on weirdly to the current Leopard name. But when you think about the rumor that 10.6 will only be performance upgrades, UI changes and switching to being Intel-only, that code-name kinda starts to make sense as a final label.


If we had to guess one way or the other, this no-feature upgrade doesn't seem to be something Apple would do. They gave away 10.1 to 10.0 owners because 10.0 was lousy and needed a bugfix badly, but 10.5 Leopard works just fine. They probably wouldn't waste their goodwill on their point upgrades being $129-worthy by doing something like this. But you can't really tell what's going to happen at WWDC, really, and if there's a time to do OS news, it's at the dev conf. [Ars Technica]


Falsoman el Garabatero

@Kaiser-Machead: That also crossed my mind. But it does seem quite sudden, if you ask me, it's gonna be a little bit over a year for from leopard to a new OS and with that 3 years from the intel transition if rumors are to be belived.

I would think this could be some sort of optional-transitional OS to offer performance boost to intel machines in a smaller package. No new funcionality added because it's not necesary and maybe there won't be 10.6 exclusive software. THAT I would get.

Then it could be just like 10.5 on steroids and give it legs for another couple of years to get a real new OS to the market.