Confirmed: The new Spider-Man won't have organic web-shooters!

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The first major difference between Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot and the Tobey Maguire series has been confirmed. Andrew Garfield won't develop the power to shoot webs organically, he'll have to build the old-school web shooters!

When the first ever image from Webb's Spider-Man was released, a handful of eagle-eyed commenters noticed what appeared to be web shooters attached to Garfiled's gloves.


This is an important discovery, since the web-fluid that shot out of Peter Parker's arms in the Raimi movies was just one of the changes caused by the spider bite. But in the comics, Parker creates the little shooters all on his own.


In an interview with MTV Emma Stone (who is playing Gwen Stacy) confirmed the presence of the web shooters.

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Now we're wondering what else Webb will include from the original comics that Raimi overlooked?


Image via Smeagol92055, thanks!