Conspiracy Unveiled: TiVo, Apple, Microsoft, CEDIA, CTIA, Nintendo, Photokina Out to Kill Bloggers

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I finally pieced it together.

You set embargoes to lift in the middle of the night. Your information "leaks" right before I'm supposed to take the girlfriend out to dinner. You gang up, and throw down CEDIA, CTIA, and Photokina in different time zones. You launch blockbuster gadgets like TiVo Series 3, Zune, and Nintendo Wii all within three days of each other. Oh yeah, and the new iTunes movie store, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and iTV.

I get it. You're trying to summon a tidal wave of news to smother bloggers.

Well guess what? I didn't like sleep anyhow. Bring it.