Constantly Spinning Dials Replace Hands on This Sleek Minimal Watch

Ressence is following up on its mesmerizing Type 3 watch—which replaced hands and other visible mechanisms with a series of perpetually spinning dials trapped under a curved water-filled sapphire dome—with the new Type 1 that somehow manages to be even more minimal than last year's model.


The watch's unique approach to displaying the time is still there, providing an endless parade of spinning dials that still make it relatively easy to read even at a quick glance. But the Type 1's gently-curved sapphire crystal now curves and connects directly to the watch's face, eliminating an extra ring of numbers around the circumference.

You can still expect to pay somewhere around $30,000 for the new piece—given that's what the original sold for—but the refinements made for the Type 1 help to further accentuate the simplicity that inspired this unique take on mechanical watches. [Ressence via Time and Watches]


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