Convert an Old Game Boy Into an Android Gamepad

If for some reason you still have an original Game Boy lying around, the time has surely come to throw it out—or, perhaps, convert it into an Android gamepad to relive that retro gaming feel.

That's exactly what Chad Boughton decided to do, and he describes the process on Instructables:

Using a Wii remote as the Bluetooth interface, and a Dot Matrix Gameboy's buttons and shell (two things I already owned) I figured "why not mash them together and give them a whole new purpose?". With the use of the "Wii Controller IME" App on the Play App store, this retro controller will really control anything which lets you use the android touch keyboard as input. Although i've only tried with a SNES emulator, in theory you should be able to play and do all kinds of things with the Gameboy's buttons. The project is essentially a gutted Game Boy with a Wii remote inside. The tricky part was rerouting the button connections between the two.


The result is probably one of the best-looking phone gamepads you'll come across, and a great way of reusing some dusty old technology. Just make sure you've got plenty of AA batteries to hand. [Instructables via Engadget]

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He says responsiveness is great but I'm not so sure. I used a Wiimote connection once on my jailbroken iOS device and it had a slight delay (<1s but noticeable). It was easier just to use the virtual buttons. Is this any better on android?

Neat idea, but you're lacking buttons if you're playing much else besides NES games on it