Short film tells the weird story of a missing nuclear missile

Illustration for article titled Short film tells the weird story of a missing nuclear missile

Writer and director David Soll explores the interior of a real-life Cold War era nuclear silo in this comedy short film: The custodian of a nuclear missile silo wakes up one morning to realize that the projectile has disappeared.


David explains to the Hollywood Reporter how they found the silo:

One of the silos had been recently purchased by Alexander Michael, an Australian architect who was slowly restoring the living quarters as a hobby. He'd done a nice job on those adjacent rooms, but the main space — the huge cylindrical silo with the missile shaft — was still a total mess. Michael accepted a small location fee and granted the production unfettered access.

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Awww, it's a shame you gave away the main plot device in your lead-in! Why spoil that for us?? You could have said something like "finds an unexpected problem" or "struggles with his bi-weekly inspections" or simply left out your summary of the main plot device entirely. It's not too late: delete it! And change the picture. (Guess I should be glad you didn't spoil the ending too.)