And on the city-level, things are looking even more dire. The entire city of Kansas City, Missouri, has just five test kits. New York City has tested just 35 people as of Thursday afternoon.

President Trump held a press conference this morning and signed the $8 billion emergency coronavirus bill that was passed by both the House and the Senate this week. Trump was joined by Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, who made some curious claims about testing.


“Next week, we’ll keep ramping up production, so as many as 4 million tests next week are going to be driving forward,” Azar said with a straight face.

“So, everything is on schedule for the testing,” Azar added.

Below, Gizmodo has compiled a breakdown of coronavirus testing by state. There’s still a long way to go before we have any idea how many people in the U.S. have contracted the new coronavirus.



Alabama received an undisclosed number of testing kits from the CDC this week, but the state hasn’t ramped up testing yet.



Source: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services


Source: Arizona Department of Health Services


Source: Arkansas Department of Health


According to California Department of Public Health, eleven public health labs have received CDC test kits and are now able to perform tests. These labs are: Richmond, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Tulare, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County labs.


Source: Los Angeles Times, Governor Gavin Newsom’s Office press release


Colorado reported its first case of coronavirus on Thursday night. The patient is a man in his 30s who’s in isolation in the Denver metro area.


Source: Email to Gizmodo from state health officials and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


Source: Connecticut Department of Public Health


Source: Delaware Public Health

District of Columbia

Source: WTOP


Source: Florida Health


Source: Georgia Department of Public Health


Source: Email to Gizmodo from state health officials and State of Hawaii, Public Health



Source: Idaho Department of Health


Source: Illinois Department of Public Health


At least some people in Indiana have been tested, according to local reports; however, the number of statewide tests is currently unknown. Indiana has reportedly received 900 tests, as of March 2.



Source: Iowa Department of Public Health


Source: Governor Laura Kelly’s office and Kansas Department of Health and Environment



Source: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services


As local TV news network FOX8 explains, the only way to conduct testing in Louisiana is for local hospitals to call the state health authorities and a courier will come to pick up a sample from the patient that will be sent to the state lab in Baton Rouge.


Source: FOX8


Source: Maine Department of Health and Human Services


Source: Maryland Department of Health


Source: Massachusetts Department of Public Health


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Bureau of Laboratories announced this week that it will soon have the capacity to test 300 samples.


“The MDHHS lab received additional test kits from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today,” the lab said in a press release on Thursday. “The kits are currently undergoing a validation process but should be ready for use by the end of the week.”

Source: State of Michigan and MDHHS


Minnesota currently has the equipment to test roughly 1,600 patients, according to a spokesperson from the Minnesota Department of Health who sent Gizmodo the figures on Thursday.


Source: Email to Gizmodo from state health officials and the Minnesota Department of Health


Source: Mississippi Department of Health


Officials in Missouri report that city and county health authorities are receiving just five kits for each jurisdiction. That means a city as large as Kansas City, Missouri, has just five kits from the CDC.


Source: KCUR and KCTV-5


Source: Montana Department of Health and Human Services



“Eight of the original 15 Americans from the Diamond Princess cruise ship remain on the UNMC/ Nebraska Medical Center campus,” Nebraska Medicine said in a press release Thursday.

“One guest – cleared yesterday – left the National Quarantine Unit this morning. One person continues to be treated in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, and seven are being monitored in the quarantine unit.”


Source: Nebraska Medicine and Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services


Source: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

New Hampshire

Source: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

New Jersey

New Jersey confirmed its second case of the coronavirus on Thursday in a woman in her 30s from Bergen County. She is self-isolating at home.


Source: New Jersey Department of Health on Twitter

New Mexico

Source: KOB4

New York

Source: New York Department of Health and ABC7

North Carolina

North Carolina announced its second case of coronavirus on Friday morning in a man whose condition is reportedly good.


“A North Carolina man from Chatham County traveled in late February to an area in Italy that now has a COVID-19 outbreak,” the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement. “He had two days of mild, flu-like symptoms while in Italy. His fever resolved and symptoms were improving, and he flew back to the United States the following day. This person was a contact to a case in Georgia and the Georgia Department of Health notified North Carolina health officials.”

Source: Emailed statement to Gizmodo and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


North Dakota

Source: North Dakota Department of Health


Source: Ohio Department of Health


“We are continuing to test individuals who either have symptoms or who recently travelled from one of the affected areas of the globe where the virus is spreading,” Commissioner of Health Gary Cox of the Oklahoma Department of Health, said in a statement emailed to Gizmodo. The commissioner did not include the number of tests.


Source: Emailed statement from OK health officials


“The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory is currently able to process up to 80 tests a day and is building surge capacity if needed,” a spokesperson for the Oregon Health Authority​ told Gizmodo via email. “We have sufficient supplies on hand to perform approximately 1,500 tests and CDC has pledged to replenish our capacity as needed.”


Source: Emailed statement from Oregon health officials and Oregon Health Authority


“In the last few hours we received confirmation of presumed - I emphasize the word presumed - positive cases of COVID-19, or coronavirus, in Pennsylvania. I’m saying presumed positive for a reason, because the results have to be confirmed by the CDC. But we have two that we have tested in Pennsylvania, so we are presuming positive,” Pennsylvania Governor Wolf said.


Pennsylvania has the ability to test roughly 25 specimens per day at the state public health laboratory in Exton, according to Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine.

Source: Emailed statement from state health officials and PA Department of Health


Rhode Island

Source: Rhode Island Department of Health, WPRI, and Providence Journal

South Carolina

Source: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

South Dakota

Source: South Dakota Department of Health


Source: Tennessee Department of Health



Texas’s first two cases of the virus were announced on Thursday, with an additional case announced Thursday night. The first two patients recently arrived from Egypt, according to Harris County Judge Linda Hidalgo, and are described as a man and a woman, both in their 60s. One of the patients is an employee at Rice University in Texas. The third case announced on Thursday night also arrived from Egypt, a man in his 60s or 70s.

Source: Texas Health and Human Services and KRQE


Source: Utah Department of Health


Source: Vermont Department of Health


Source: WTOP, Virginia Department of Health


Source: Washington Department of Health

West Virginia

Source: Office of Governor Jim Justice and West Virginia University and Dominion Post



Source: Wisconsin Department of Health Services


“We are currently not testing at our Wyoming Public Health Laboratory, but are preparing to do so quite soon,” a spokesperson for the Wyoming Department of Health told Gizmodo.


Source: Email from Wyoming health official and Cowboy State Daily

Note: The numbers by state will be updated as new figures become available on Friday.