Cortana Will Force You to Keep Your Email Promises

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Microsoft has put its digital assistant front and a little left of center, embedding it into every Windows 10-running device, and anyone who feels like downloading the app. Cortana’s getting some new tricks to go with her popularity, including a little extra nagging.


As part of a series of updates now in beta testing, Microsoft has made Cortana “more proactive when it comes to reminders”. So, Cortana will read your emails, see when you’ve made a promise to do a thing (I’ll send you the pictures by tonight), and then remind you mercilessly until you do it.

Unfortunately, none of these things will work if you’re using a web email client, so for the time being, Google has the upper hand in rifling through my shit. But it’s interesting to see the speed at which Microsoft is improving Cortana: it’s gone from being a running joke to something that will summon me an Uber, all in the time it’s taken Siri to understand my accent.



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I love the idea of Cortana (and let’s be honest, her digital blue hotness as well), but the tremendous amount of integration just doesn’t sit well with me. Microsoft (and really, all the major tech giants) are pushing for everything to be integrated with everything else, and I don’t want that. I want my email separate from my calendar. I want my computer account separate from my email account. I want my email accounts separate from each other. I want my computer search separate from my web search. I want everything separate and individually controlled by me.