Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross team up for "Rapture of the Nerds"

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Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross have just signed with Tor Books to co-author a fix-up novel based on a series of short stories called Rapture of the Nerds. The authors and their editor told us what to expect.

The novel was quickly snapped up by Tor Books' Patrick Nielsen Hayden, who told io9:

Cory and Charlie intend to write a third novella in the sequence begun with "Jury Service" and "Appeals Court," and THE RAPTURE OF THE NERDS will consist of all three novellas, possibly with some small additional connective tissue if necessary.

Many distinguished SF "novels" have actually been stitched together from short-fiction serieses like this; the venerable industry term for such a book is "fix-up", which doesn't imply anything deprecatory.


Doctorow added:

It's a fixup composed of Jury Service and Appeals Court, with an additional novella called (in all likelihood) Parole Board. The first two novellas will be rewritten for continuity to make it all work as a single novel.


Charles Stross commented surrealistically:

Asked if the estate of Ayn Rand had authorized this sequel, messrs. Stross and Doctorow would only say "no comment".


Oh yeah? I like this book already.

Doctorow and Stross authored "Jury Service" and "Appeals Court" in the early 2000s. If you want a taste of the madness, you can read the introduction to "Jury Service" here, and the complete "Appeals Court" here. Suffice to say you can expect post-singularity craziness, particularly as regards patents. Also, according to Doctorow, "Jury Service" was written exquisite corpse style, with the authors trading 500-1000 word chunks back and forth, adding more with each exchange.


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