We all know that tomorrow I'll be covering the CfA announcement. The press release will include a set of photographs, graphs, and other media that all outlets are going to use to populate their stories. It's going to be really annoying.

But you work at these telescopes. BICEP, WMAP, Planck, the whole realm of CMB-mapping equipment. You have photos of you working on building the equipment, in the field with the telescopes, goofing around in lab, and being real, human scientists.

I'd really like to use your photos. Even if this announcement doesn't match up with the hype, it'd be really fun to run a series of articles about the real-life telescopes that populate our planet (and above it), teasing out secrets of the cosmos. If you have a photo you're fine with me using, let me know? (For your own professional sanity, you might want to run any contributions through your advisor or campus media office first.)


Use the comments, or drop me an email.