One day you might be able to make a more informed decision when the cashier asks if you'd like to supersize your fries. Researchers at Cornell University have developed an accessory for your smartphone called the smartCARD that actually lets you measure your cholesterol in mere minutes.

Short for 'Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics', the smartCARD relies on cholesterol test strips that first process drops of blood, sweat, or saliva using chemical reactions. Using color analysis, the strips can be analyzed by a smartphone's camera, with the flash providing even diffused light so the measurements can be accurately processed by an accompanying application.

After just a few minutes the user's cholesterol levels will be displayed, but researchers at Cornell's Erickson lab are working to further break down the data so the app specifies the levels of bad vs. good cholesterol. So not only will you know if it's a good idea to skip the fries altogether, but also if it's a good idea to maybe visit your doctor for a checkup. Sounds good, but no word on whether the gadget can do anything about your shameful lack of self-control. [Cornell University via Gizmag]