Could You Stare at a Samsung Galaxy S4 For 60 Minutes to Win One?

Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 can sense when you're looking at it, Swisscom hilariously set up a challenge for people to stare at the phone for an hour. If you hit the 60 minute mark, you win a free Samsung Galaxy S4. If you get distracted, you don't get one. Easy? Not as easy as you think!

It would have been a good ol' fashioned stare down (you can blink) but Swisscom threw some epic distractions in the simple staring contest. People who played the game were distracted by barking dogs, singers, arguing couples, burning hot dog vendors and motorcycle crashes. I'm pretty sure I would have failed. Though I'm pretty sure I would have failed without any distractions too. [Swisscom]

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I feel bad for the first people who tried this. They didn't have the benefit of knowing the stuff happening around them was a bunch of planned distractions. After a few people tried, the cat was out of the bag and a crowd grew. Given the knowledge that the barking dog is not going or bite you, or that the motorcycle crash is just a stunt, or the burning hot dog vendor is all faked would make this far easier.

Personally, I think they should have make it a true staredown for less time. Say 10 minutes. It's still totally doable, but would give more people a chance too.

That is all assuming this wasn't all a faked stunt in the first place, which it wouldn't surprise me at all if it were.