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Crank Out Countless Custom Ironic T's with This DIY "DTG" Printer

True hipsters, slackers and fauxhemians don't just go out and buy their ironic t-shirts anymore, they create them. Probably with this swanky DIY Direct-to-Garment printer.


Brought to us by the fine folks at Hack a Day, the printer is an unassuming little affair comprised of wood, a printer head and plenty of blood, sweat and mascara-stained tears (I kid).

There's even a video. Sit back and enjoy, but not so much that someone observing you would be able to tell you're enjoying it.

Full instructions available at Hack a Day. [Hack a Day - Thanks, Jakob]

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Was silkscreening really so hard for them as to require this? DIY is great but not if it makes everything harder to use and cost more - kind of defeats the purpose.