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Crealev Floating Lamp Leavens Any Room

Illustration for article titled Crealev Floating Lamp Leavens Any Room

In the future, everything will levitate. Take for example Angela Jansen's floaty lamp, shown by the Netherlander firm Crealev at a show during Dutch Design Week. (Oh, you don't attend?) It's actually the shade that hovers using magnetic levitation over the light-up lamp base, but it's enough to make you truly believe in magic. Or at least in all those other maglev products on the market, like the photo frame, computer mouse and $90,000 limited-edition sculpture. (And let's not leave out the SkyMall star, the floating globe). After the jump, there's a short video clip of the spinning Crealev lamp—and its kid sister, the levitating candy dish—shot by Moco Loco.


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So what happens if you put a Matzah on it?