Create Your Own Broken Masterpieces with This Glitch Art Generator

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Glitch art is sort of like the internet's code-heavy version of graffiti. While graffiti writers climb walls to get their tag in impossible spots, glitch artists dig deep into code to create chaotic results. It used to require programming skills, but thanks to this new DIY site, just a few mouse clicks will do.

Put simply, glitch art corrupts computer code behind images, documents and sometimes entire websites rendering them artful. Some finished works are more seizure-inducing than others, but they all have that broken but beautiful aesthetic, just like the works from the orderly Andy Warhol to the unpredictable Jackson Pollack.

See what you can do with this new site. Just start messing around with the variables—glitch amount, seed, iterations and jpg quality—and see what glitchy magic happens. And why not drop your finished work in the comments? Surely, someone some arm chair art critic will want to analyze it. Heck, maybe they'll even praise it! [Animal]


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