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Creative, I like your products. I dig your Micros and the Micro Photo is pretty cool. But could you possibly have come up with a better name then the Zen Sleek? I mean really Dr. Obvious. Sleek? You want us to go into a store and say, may I please look at that Sleek over there? Come on. This isn't a line of skin products. Get on your game. The big news with the new Creative Zen Sleek, however, is that it's got a 1.75 inch color OLED screen. Other that, it's pretty much the same as the old Creative Zen Sleek (I'm just going to keep saying it now to annoy you), featuring a 20GB. Look for it around the sleek pre-holiday buying frenzy.

Creative Zen Sleek Photo [I4U Sleek News]


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