Critters And Static Shock Series Coming To Warner Bros. Digital

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Warner Bros. has just amped up their newly named digital division Blue Ribbon Content, and with the announcement of this creation comes a whole slate of new webseries that will make you go, "Sure, why not?"


The Hollywood Reporter announced the new slate, which includes a reboot of the '80s horror-comedy series Critters. If you're unaware of Critters, the movies centered around a group of furry, human-eating aliens called Krites. It's a ridiculous thing, but I have to say I would totally watch a rebirth of these monsters because it comes with just enough wacky nostalgia.

The other digital series that has our eye is superhero series Static. who you might better from the 20o0 DC animated universe cartoon Static Shock. A member of the Teen Titans, Static has the ability to control electromagnetism. This series will be written and produced and directed by Reginald Hudlin (Django Unchained and House Party producer).

The Critters and Static series joins the Mortal Kombat, Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, and Play It Again, Dick (the Veronica Mars spinoff for CW's digital channel Seed). Here's the official slate from THR:

Static Shock — Writer/producer/director Reginald Hudlin (Best Picture Oscar nominee for producing Django Unchained) leads the creative team behind a live-action adaptation of Static Shock, featuring the African-American super hero Static, aka Virgil Ovid Hawkins. Static Shock is based on theStatic comic co-created by the late Dwayne McDuffie with co-writer Robert L. Washington IIIand artist John Paul Leon, which was originally published by the DC Comics imprint Milestone Comics and, later, by DC Comics. Milestone Media co-founder/comic book artist/TV producer Denys Cowan (the original Static Shock animated series) is collaborating with Hudlin on the new Static Shock.

Critters — Blue Ribbon revisits the world of the legendary New Line Cinema cult classic movie franchise, as a new batch of alien pests descends upon the planet in this new digital series written byMichael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath (Teen Titans Go!).

We love to see digital departments get serious cash from larger studios. It allows for more entertainment experimentation and for weird and interesting ideas. Plus, this is the future. Get on it, people.



oh sure put the black guys show online and not TV.