Crowdfund a multicultural steampunk anthology and more

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Love steampunk, but want to see a more culturally diverse range of stories? You can back an upcoming anthology with some top-notch contributors. You might also want to back a web series based on Legend of Grimrock, a puzzle RPG about archaeologists battling the Third Reich, or a comic in which the Axis Powers have weaponized mythological creatures.


Top image from Dead Century.

Steampunk World: A multicultural steampunk fiction anthology

Steampunk stories tend to be in America and Britain (or fantasy settings that evoke those countries), but Steampunk World seeks to open up a wider world of alternate technology, gathering stories set in other regions. Jay Lake, Nisi Shawl, Ken Liu, Lucy A. Snyder, and tons of other writers will be sharing their steampunk tales from a different point of view. For a $10 pledge, backers can get a digital copy of the anthology, and for $20, they can get the paperback edition.

Legend of Grimrock: The Series

The folks behind the fabulous Fallout: Nuka Break are back with a new licensed web series set in the world of the game Legend of Grimrock. They are planning to develop a series of episodes that will connect into a feature-length film. For a $25 pledge, backers can nab an HD download of the finished film. For a $30 pledge, they'll receive both the film and Grimrock 2.

Dead Century: Mosaic


Dead Century is a lovely-looking piece of media that's part puzzle RPG and part comic, that, in the great Indiana Jones tradition, pits archaeologists against Nazis:

You command a small team of archaeologists as they try to stay one step ahead of Third Reich scientists in piecing together an ancient mystery from the dawn of human civilization.


The first installment of the game is available for $0.99 on iTunes, and the team is offering the full game for a $10 pledge.

Operation Penumbra: A WWII Supernatural Adventure, Vol. 1


Kyle Winters writes and Amanda Goebel illustrates this WWII comic in which the Axis Powers figure out how to weaponize creatures of folklore and myth. To combat the supernatural threat, General Patton forms a secret army unit. Backers can get the Operation Penumbra ebook for a $10 pledge and the print edition for a $25 pledge.



Damn. Saw the picture and the word Steampunk, and thought maybe Mignola was looking to resurrect The Amazing Screw-On Head.