Crowdfund Peter Bagge's apocalypse and Canadian superhero comics

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Peter Bagge's Apocalypse Nerd may become a live-action film, with a little financial backing. Also, a group of Disney artists are publishing a book of their personal artwork and a crew of Canadian comics creators are collecting superheroes who wear their maple leaves proudly.


Top image from Lovely.

One project that I mentioned earlier that could use a little more love is the military science fiction anthology War Stories. It has a few days to go and hasn't quite reached its funding goal. (Full disclosure: I backed this project and would really like to see it funded.) I've also been told that if the campaign reaches $13,000, the editors are planning to make the book 20% longer.

Peter Bagge's Apocalypse Nerd: The Movie

Peter Bagge's six-issue comic miniseries Apocalypse Nerd followed two men trying to survive in the Pacific Northwest in the wake of a North Korean attack on Seattle. Now director Tupaq Felber wants to turn the comic into a feature-length, live-action film. For a £15 pledge, the team is offering backers a digital download of the finished film.

Lovely: Girls of Animation Collaborative Art Book


Claire Keane, Lorelay Bove, Victoria Ying, Helen Mingjue Chen, Brittney Lee, and Lisa Keene have worked on a number of recent Disney movies, and the six of them have come together to collect a book that showcases their personal artwork. For a $25 pledge, they are offering backers a copy of the book, Lovely, signed by all the artists. [via Cartoon Brew]

True Patriot: Volume 2: An Anthology of Canadian Superhero Comics


Move aside, Captain America. Canadian comic book creators are showing off their own superheroes in a comics anthology featuring the talents of Adrian Alphona, Andy Belanger, J. Bone, Jack Briglio, Scott Chantler, Tom Fowler, Adam Gorham, Faith Erin Hicks, Fred Kennedy, Tim Levins, Ramon Perez, Ron Salas, Jay Stephens, J. Torres, Howard Wong, Paul Rivoche, and Jeff Lemire. For a $15 pledge, they're offering backers PDF copies of this anthology and the previous volume. For a $35 pledge, they're offering a hard copy of Volume 2 and PDF copies of both volumes.



Coldrice Games employs retro graphics and modern mechanics for their 2D sandbox game Interstellaria:

After generations of war a tenuous peace has fallen over the galaxy. For the first time an era of trade and diplomacy reigns. Human corporations, like Star-Ex, have risen to the forefront of human expansion. The universe is a dangerous place, and for those with courage the trade off is simple - they provide the ship, you seek out the profits!

In Interstellaria you command a crew of eager explorers. Combat, trade, and diplomacy is handled by giving your crew commands. Survival means watching out for hull leaks, defeating hostile invaders, and destroying enemy vessels. You have to balance pushing your crew to learn new skills, while also keeping them fed and rested. In addition, at any time you can take complete control of the captain and adventure planet side to collect important artifacts, ship resources, and valuable data.


For a $10 pledge, the team is offering backers a download of the full game once it is completed.



True Patriot!

I saw their panel at Fan Expo this year and promptly bought the anthology. It's a delight.

I'm so glad they're making another one!