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CrunchPad Breaks Cover at Media Event Next Monday

Illustration for article titled CrunchPad Breaks Cover at Media Event Next Monday

The CrunchPad would've been an easy-to-use Web tablet, but the strange saga of its 11th-hour demise will be anything but simple. Chandra Rathakrishnan—CEO of the CrunchPad's problem partner—will demo the tablet, and explain his side of the story.


The Fusion Garage CEO will speak to reporters and show the device in San Francisco Monday, so we'll finally get to see what all the fuss is about. At $300-ish, the touchscreen CrunchPad actually sounded pretty cool to me.


So far it's sounded like Michael Arrington got screwed, but it'll be interesting to hear Fusion Garage's take on events. Both parties own parts of the CrunchPad's intellectual property—and multiple lawsuits are brewing—so I'll be pretty shocked if Fusion Garage says we'll see the CrunchPad in shops anytime soon. [San Francisco Business Times]

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I read the full article, and although we are seeing only one of story, I'm not sure Chandra will have a different side to tell. It all sounds like greedy shareholders deciding they want both pieces of the pie.

TechCrunch start product development, make a couple of prototypes. They bring FG onboard to help them, together they develop the 3rd prototype, and the release prototype. Then FG decide they don't need TechCrunch anymore, and attempt to ditch them, and continue solo.

I can't see how FG would have any moral or legal justification for what they did.