Crystal TV Cathedral: Loewe Individual Edition One

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Our upper-crust readers will be happy to know that now they can impress their neighbors with Loewe's Individual Edition One, a crystal-encrusted 32" LCD TV. They're only making 2000 of these HD-ready baubles, which will be available with either a black body with dark crystals on the sides, or silver body with a light-colored crystal trim.

Loewe is using Swarovski crystals to inlay the sides of these hoity-toity TVs, where each precision-cut glass crystal is carefully crafted by the Swiss company that's been adorning TVs with fine crystalline artwork since they were watched by candlelight. If you want the TV to be even more functional and expensive, opt for the 80GB hard disk recorder accessory, and never miss another rerun of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous again. If you have more money than brains, this 32-incher is all yours for $9319. Either that or use that money to get yourself a 65" Sharp Aquos LCD and impress your own eyes.


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