Cut the Rope Is More Addictive Than Ever Thanks to IE9

You've definitely seen it. You've most likely played it. And now the web version of Cut the Rope, the addictive game that follows the kinetic challenges of a candy-loving monster named Om Nom, is available online for free.

The hugely popular game (it's been downloaded more than 60 million times) is about to get a whole lot bigger, thanks to the efforts of Internet Explorer 9. Developed by a partnership between Microsoft, web design agency Pixel Lab and ZeptoLab's lead creative team, the game, once exclusively available for mobile devices, can now be played on any modern web browser.


The new version has been entirely built using HTML5, so Om Nom's candy-gobbling antics do more than just charm you—Cut the Rope also perfectly showcases the rich interactive capabilities of the web standard. Using the browser's distinct "pinning" feature, you can pin the game to your Windows 7 task bar, which not only makes Cut the Rope one click away, but opens up seven unique levels—available only to IE9 users.

Cut the Rope isn't the only game optimized for IE9. Pirates Love Daisies, Disney Tron, and The World's Biggest Pacman are just a few of the titles that have been brought to the web with HTML5. Head here to play the all-new version of Cut the Rope, and see for yourself how Internet Explorer 9 is making the web more fun.

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