Daily Desired: The Blunt Umbrella Makes Other People Hate You Less

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Umbrellas are just another hateful piece of urban luggage that makes my commute unbearable. I mean, I'm more likely to leave one in a bar than to actually use it! The Blunt Umbrella's intelligent design might actually convert this hater.


The Blunt Umbrella gets its name from its snazzy-looking rounded tips, which unlike their pointy counterparts won't take out fellow pedestrians' eyes. One annoyance avoided already. It gets better: the Blunt Umbrella has smartly-engineered internal structure which makes it durable and wind-resistant. For example, the blunt tips aren't just there to help you avoid unfortunate street altercations, they also keep the the fast-drying polyester canopy super-tight. Sure, other umbrellas are wind resistant but the Blunt achieves this in a lightweight, practical design that doesn't turn the concept of an umbrella into a massive space-aged monstrosity—that's a damn feat.

It's going to rain all week on the east coast. For $70, the Blunt Umbrella will keep you not wet and less annoyed. If only it came with GPS-tracker for when I leave it at the bar—I'm still working on that. [Blunt Umbrella]



I just hate umbrellas for myself because they don't work well. Unless the rain is falling perfectly vertically, there is no splash, and you aren't carrying something that sticks out (like a fat backpack or a big duffle ), you and your stuff get wet anyway.