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Damon Lindelof explains two of the most important characters in Ridley Scott's Prometheus!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

New set photos show more of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. James Corden hopes to make another comeback as Craig Owens on Doctor Who. Plus find out what's ahead on Fringe, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Chuck, and Terra Nova!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises

Here are a ton more Los Angeles set photos of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. []



Writer Damon Lindelof explains Michael Fassbender's role in Ridley Scott's semi-official Alien prequel:

He plays a robot. One of the things that evokes the idea of 'Blade Runner' is, 'What does the movie look like from the robot's point of view?' If you were to ask him, 'What do you think about all of this? What's going on? What do you think about these humans who are around you?,' wouldn't it be cool if we found a way for that robot to answer those questions. When you cast a guy like Fassbender, who's going to bring a lot more to it than [makes clichéd robot movements] - that was me doing the robot, I don't know if you could tell - it's not Anthony Daniels. All due respect. He's phenomenal. But C-P3O…"


He also discusses how Charlize Theron fits in:

"Her character's name is Meredith Vickers and she's sort of a corporate entity. That's another one of the familiar things from the 'Alien' movies - that there are corporate interests in play. I feel like Charlize brought a new spin on that old variation. It's a remix …. I don't think she's slimy [like Paul Reiser's character in 'Aliens']. She's not the fast-talking, snake-oil face of the company. By the way, "What company is she a face of?," I think is a big part of the fun. As we were developing the script, she had some really cool ideas that made it not the suit you're used to."


There's more at the link, including the pretty heavy implication that a lot of the cast is going to die over the course of the movie, much like in Alien itself. [MTV Movies Blog]

John Carter

Disney has released a marketing info sheet featuring a couple images, which you can check out in the gallery, and this synopsis. [SpoilerTV]

War-weary, former military captain JOHN CARTER, is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including TARS TARKAS and the captivating PRINCESS DEJAH THORIS. In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of the planet and its people rests in his hands.


Cloud Atlas

Master and Commander actor James D'arcy has joined the cast of Tom Twyker and the Wachowskis' adaptation of David Mitchell's sprawling novel. He joins a cast that already includes (deep breath) Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, and Bae Doona. [Variety]


Area 52

Transformers producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian are developing an adaptation of Brian Haberlin's 2001 comic. Here's a synopsis:

The comic focused on a top secret warehouse in Antarctica called Area 52, a government storage dump for otherworldly discoveries, manned by a ragtag group of misfits who have been exiled to the middle of nowhere to staff it. When an alien killing machine is accidentally hatched in this repository, the group must band together and use the stored mythological weapons and artifacts to save themselves and the world.



Untitled Futuristic Movie

Yes, that's probably the least evocative caption I've ever used. Basically, Chernin Entertainment has reportedly purchased a pitch by Dracula Year Zero writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Pretty much nothing is known about it, other than it's reportedly sort of like a "futuristic Jungle Book." I don't really have any idea what that means (especially since you could argue a lot of The Jungle Book is more or less timeless, so it's a bit tricky to make it futuristic), but Gore Verbinski is attached to produce. [Deadline]


Scream 5

In what could be construed as either an announcement or a threat, Wes Craven says additional Scream movies are probably going to happen eventually:

Going into (Scream 4), the first meeting I had with Kevin Williamson, he did sketch out a Scream 5 and 6. The idea was that we were doing the first in a new trilogy. We had to wait to see if we made enough money on each film to make the next one viable. If that happens, those two will come up with the concepts and an idea that is worth fulfilling.



Doctor Who

Here's a video introduction for "The Wedding of River Song" from Arthur Darvill. [Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]

Here are some more Christmas special set photos featuring the spacesuit-clad Doctor. [BBC Wales]


James Corden pretty much straight up stated there are plans to bring back Craig Owens once again, but it's all a matter of scheduling: Well, I've had some e-mails from Steven [Moffat] this week, actually, about trying to do something. It's just trying to do something, and tying up schedules really. It's just trying to work out if we can find the window with this play I'm doing, and with something else I've got coming up afterwards. Whether we can squeeze something in. But I would love to. Don't tell them, but I would do it for free. I feel so proud to be part of it, I can't tell you... I was proud to be in it once. I will be over the moon to be in it twice. I will do everything I can in my power to make it work out that we get to do something at least next series.

[Den of Geek]


Here's a promo for this week's episode, "One Night in October." [Fringe Television]

Here's a spoiler-y tidbit for this week's episode, as well as Peter's general arc:

Peter will continue to attempt to break through into Olivia and Walter's universe. Sadly, since Walter doesn't remember Peter, he'll desperately try to prevent this from happening, Plus: There's a special surprise return this week that will further the idea that, over here or over there, we're not in Kansas anymore.


[TV Guide]

Anna Torv suggested that the show could come to a fairly natural end in the next couple of seasons:

People have been quoting JJ for a while saying, ‘JJ feels four or five years is kind of enough'. I tend to agree with him. If you're doing a straight up procedural series I think you can go on, because you've got so many stand-alone episodes. Whereas with our show it certainly feels like it's picked up the pace as well. I don't want to run it into the ground.


And when asked about the possibility of a movie, Torv suggested this series might not be a good fit for the big screen:

I don't know to tell you the truth. I feel like it's so intricate; it feels like an epic story now. I don't think it would be a very good film.


[The Coventry Telegraph]

Here are some set photos. [SpoilerTV]

The Walking Dead

Here are two trailers for the second season. [Daemon's TV]

Terra Nova

Here are two promo and a sneak peek for next week's episode, "Instinct."

Star Jason O'Mara explains how the dinosaurs fit into the show going forward:

Every week there is some dinosaur encounter or another, depending on what the story calls for. Dinosaurs on Terra Nova tend to interfere with our day-to-day business as opposed to be the cause of it. There's always some human dynamic that is creating a problem, not always a dinosaur. However, they do cause problems in that a lot of them are hungry, and we're walking refrigerators to them. Not every episode is going to play out like an action movie, as the second half of the premiere does, but there's lots of dinosaur action coming up, there are fatalities, and even one member of the regular cast doesn't make it past the first season. There are lots of twist and turns and action in store. And the "Slashers" [seen in the premiere] do make a return appearance, so watch for that.


He also discusses how Jim will fit in and deal with both his estranged wife and Terra Nova in general:

I don't think she is thrilled, honestly, and politically they're probably on opposing ends of the spectrum. She is concerned for Jim's well being, they do have a second chance and they don't want to make the same mistakes. However, being a cop is one of the only things that he's good at and he wants to make the most of this new place. There's an episode where we deal with the first murder in Terra Nova and how [Commander] Taylor reacts to that, and Jim toes the party line when it comes to trial and retribution and how that's addressed by essentially an autocrat. Elizabeth then takes offense and has an opposing view...Husbands and wives argue over a wide range of things, and that was something we wanted to use in the show.


There's a bit more at the link. [TV Line]

Person of Interest

Michael Emerson teases when we'll begin to learn more about Finch's past:

"I thought originally that this is a reclusive character. But he is a far bolder and more active character. Reese has challenged Finch's wall of impenetrability so that Finch now has to be a little more guarded. He has to scramble a little harder to stay a step ahead of Reese."


[TV Guide]


This season will reportedly introduce Sarah's former handler, a man "in his early 40s, stoic, and answers to the name Ryker." Ryker, eh? Well, it's not spelled correctly, but this still seems like a golden opportunity to add a little Jonathan Frakes magic to this show. [TV Line]



Here's a Leviathan-focused promo. Check out the link for a little extra analysis. [BuddyTV]

Executive producer Sera Gamble teases some quick, satisfying resolution to Lucifer's suggestion in the premiere that the last couple of seasons were all one big hallucination in Sam's head:

"Our intention is not to raise that to mess with people's heads. It becomes pretty clear what [Lucifer's comment is] about in Episode 2, which is primarily concerned with answering questions about what's going on with Cas and getting really deep into what's going on with Sam."


[TV Guide]


Here are some promo photos and a synopsis for the season four premiere, "Tempus." [Daemon's TV]

Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) pursues Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) back to 1898 London as he attempts to save his daughter. If successful, Magnus knows he will destroy the natural order of history and must stop him from irreparably altering the World's future at whatever cost.

From there, the intensity is raised. In present day, the remaining Sanctuary team scrambles to prevent all-out war as droves of Hollow Earth Abnormals continue to rise to the surface. The rules have now changed. The Sanctuary can no longer rely on their allies and they must go rogue to survive.


The Secret Circle

Here's a preview of this week's episode, "Loner", from executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson. [KSiteTV]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders.