Daniel Johnston's iPhone Game Is Predictably Bizarre, Bizarrely Fun

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Uber-twee musician, charmingly earnest lyricist, noted bipolar dude and unwitting icon Daniel Johnston has an iPhone app—a game, to be specific. The biggest surprise, aside from the fact that it exists, is that it's actually pretty great.

Created with direct input—tons of music, artwork and story advice—from the man himself, "Hi, How Are You" is a 3D, cell-shaded platformer with tilt controls. As with virtually everything Johnston has created in the last two decades, it's surreal, a little childlike and tinged with religious imagery, but it's far from sloppy: Johnston's teamed with some serious developers to make a game that is genuinely playable, even if it's often inexplicable. Hi, How Are You is a dollar, available now. [iTunes]